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shamanic sessions

The shamanic path is the oldest known human practice to restore the equilibrity of our soul-heart-mind-body & of the natural world around us through a deep connection with the spirits and natural forces  in order to heal. I work with different shamanic practices such as journeying, smudging, extraction, channeling, soul parts retrieval. I use my drumm, my flute, rattels, different shamanic tools, chrystals, feathers, herbal medicine, my voice, my hands. I am connected with the spirit worlds during the sessions, they guide me.

This is deep soul work. We will dive into the subconsciousness, into the intangible parts of your being. In order to do that we will connect with the invisible realms, the spirited worlds of animals, plants, mother Gaia and her elemental forces and the cosmic worlds. These allies will guide us and safeguard our journey as I clear energies, retrieve soul parts or do past life regressions. This work is powerful and can bring profound changes into your life.

Frequently asked questions

1) What is a shamanic session? 

A shamanic session is a deep soul journey where I will connect with your soul and heart realm in order to bring you messages and healing impulses for your requests and issues. 


2) What do I have to do during the session?

After the introduction you can relax and lay down while I will journey for you to the other worlds. 


3) How do you journey to the otherworlds?

I connect with my spirit guides and use my voice and drum. 


4) What happens after the session?

I suggest individual paths tailored for you which will guide you to the integration into everyday life.


5) I live far away, is it possible to do a a session online?

Yes, a session takes places online via zoom or in person at my home in Germany.

6) How long does a session take?
A session will take between 1,5 and 2,5 hours. I recommend to plan at least 3,5 hours of non-disturbed time so that you have time after the session to integrate and take some time for yourself.


1 session (1,5-2,5 hours) 240 euros


Book a 20-minute conversation to find out more about shamanic sessions. No obligation and no charge. Or directly book a journey with me. After booking you will receive a payment link.

Gordana Nanshee is a great, inspiring, extremely loving, very intense and powerful companion on the journeys into our innermost being. Her shamanic work and the way it brings us closer to nature, inside and outside, in all its beauty, as a living and spiritual being, touches and inspires me again and again. She creates a sacred space in which real communication with oneself and the greater whole becomes truly possible, perhaps even for the first time. With Gordana Nanshee I always feel in safe, even "magical" hands. She gives me the feeling of being fully understood in my being and has the gift of making seemingly invisible, but existentially important things visible to me, which bring me into my real power and allow me to face my fears in a surprisingly different way. A life-changing work for me, which I consider a very great gift and for which I am infinitely grateful to her. I can only recommend her work from the bottom of my heart. With love and gratitude,    
Sebastian Jobst, Germany


I did both a ‘normal’ coaching session and a shamanic journey (via zoom) and it has been one of the most meaningful experiences for me. Nanshee Spirit is one of the most warm, patiently loving and wise women I know. You just feel so nurtured and carried in her presence. And empowered at the same time. She sees and she knows.
She connected with my soul and understood me on such a deep-level. She helped me to re-connect with my own innate wisdom and on a deeper level with my purpose. If you feel drawn to work with her I would say please do it you won’t regret it.
Manon Huntjens, The Netherlands

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