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shamanic counseling

In my shamanic counseling I accompany private persons as well as people working independently in the shamanic environment and related fields.

Shamanic counseling is meant to support you in all personal growth processes as well to guide you through all shamanic topics within your own journey. My service is always to hold the space and also to empower you within your own capacities. It is meant to bring your attention back to the essential. Your presence holds all the gems. I will first listen, then I will mirror you back. I will sense the transformational potential and help you translate and transfer them into your life and your spirit so that you can confidently bloom and that you can also bring this into your work.

Everyone is special and it's a natural law that gives all beings the same right for health, luck and creative expression. Every soul is on a unique path. I deeply honour the natural laws for equallity & equilibrity and I have my special way of connection - my heart and my spirit will open gates for us and connect directly with your soul and the higher realms which are always based on love and respect for life.
If you need a guidance, advice, a new perspective in this phase of your life I'm here to accompany you and to help you to help yourself.


All topics are welcome. A counseling does not replace a doctor's visit.


Online counseling 

We live in a world with a lot of possibilities. We are connected. Through the web of life itself, through heart & spirit and of course nowadays through the internet . Sometimes this is an obstacle, but it can turn to be a new possibility for us. It depends on us how we interact.
I will create a safe virtual space for us so if you need a guidance, an advice, a new perspective in this phase of your life. I'm here to accompany you and to help you to help yourself.


90 minutes: 130 euros 

Book a 20-minute conversation to find out more about working with me. No obligation and no charge. Or directly book a session. After booking you will receive a payment link.

I have never felt gratefulness running through my cells like this before, it touched me deep in my soul and my heart sings. I can never thank you enough Nanshee Spirit for your time, space and love. Thank you universe, mother, spirits for this gift, for the heart opening moments and the healing wave the work created in all my layers and bodies.  

  Jasmin Peer, Austria

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