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We grow in co-creation and work ceremonially in circles. I facilitate weekend workshops, also soul-paths of several weeks or years into our inner and outer worlds where growth can profoundly take place. Places for this are festivals, selected nature locations, online spaces.

If you want to work with me, get me as a speaker or workshop facilitator for an event or festival with a conscious objective (protection and empowerment of the environment, indigenous people, and human beings in general) contact me at

The biggest journey (co-condacted with my shamanic soulsister Juliana Zobe) right now is a 2-year journey into the AUTHENTIC MEDICINE WOMAN which started in March 2023.


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Monthly open session


Join me for a monthly open group-hour. All of you are welcome to join. To ask questions about shamanic work in general, about doing shamanic work with me or anything else that is present for you. Or you can just come and be present, listen and enjoy sharing the space. We tune in together and see what is alive.

This is a free of charge offer.


I am very happy that Gordana Nanshee is once again participating at the Herzflugfestival. For me, she is a total enrichment as a personality alone, but with her work and being, her everlasting aesthetics and her workshops presented with clear vision or her individually unique artworks, she is a centerpiece of this festival.    
Fabian Vish, Festival organizer, Germany


Dear wild Nanshee, thank you from the bottom of my heart for this very special wild wise woman day on the river, it meant a lot to me and my ancestors were with me. You guided us/myself very sensitively, caught and held me, this had never happened to me before and was a very healing experience. Hugs dear sister.    
Alisha von Bulan, France

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