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my services

Here you can find the services I provide to guide you in your journey. 
If you can not find a service that for any reasons fits for you, or you have a special topic or condition, please feel free to reach out to me at to explore other possibilities.


shamanic counseling

(online and in person)

I'm here, if you are searching for someone who gives you a helping hand to reconnect with your core goals, with your own inner healer,

with the source of creation.
Counseling is meant to bring your minds attention back to the essential. Your presence holds all the gems. My service is to hold the space, to remind you of what you are capable of. I will first listen, then I will mirror you back. I will sense the transformational potential and help you translate and transfer them into your life and your spirit so that you can confidently bloom.


shamanic session
(online and in person)

The shamanic path is the oldest known human practice to restore
the equlibrity of our soul-heart-mind-body & of the natural world around us through a deep connection with the spirits and 
natural forces in order to heal. is a deep soul work. We will dive into the subconsciousness, into the intangible parts of your being. In order to do that we will connect with the invisible realms, the spirited worlds of animals and plants. Mother Gaia and her elemental forces and the cosmic worlds. These allies will guide us and safeguard our journey as I clear energies, retrieve soul parts or do past life regressions. This work is powerful and can bring profound changes into your life.

"Every soul is on a unique path.​ It's an act of love to follow your visions and to take care of yourself, your community
and your environment"

(online and in person)

Wonderful and powerful gatherings. We grow in co-creation and work ceremonially in circles. I facilitate weekend workshops, also soul-paths of several weeks or years into our inner and outer worlds where growth can profoundly take place. Places for this are festivals, selected nature locations, online spaces. The biggest current journey is a 2-year journey into the AUTHENTIC MEDICINE WOMAN which started in March 2023.

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