Mucca - Center of comunity arts in Munich

145 € (cycle) 35 € (evening)


Natural Voice

04.02. - 10.03.2020  in Munich


Gordana Nanshee Heyden

Your voice is a powerful present

Most of us have never experienced their real voice power

In this voice cycle we will activate your dormant energie.

Once you get in contact with your  true voice power through shamanic practice your cells will keep this memory alive so you can learn how to activate it in the present .

We work without pressure, we work hand in hand with our soul.

We will explore different practices - such as : shamanic journeying, extatic trance, deep breathwork, body movement, experimental language and sound scapes activations...

Together we will build a shelter where healing energy is able to manifest.


outdoors - mountain of Baveria

95 € (one weekend)

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9./10.05. * 20./21.06. * 18./19.07.2020


Gordana Nanshee Heyden


Where does your closeness to nature ends?
With a spider crawling over your leg
With a cold waterfall
With your phobia
With your pollen allergy

Being separated from nature has made us and society as a whole sick for a long time
In 2020, my work will focus more on the back to nature connection
We will sit down, surrender to the elements and ignite our primal power again

- exceed limits
- receive the night and its sounds- make the tree an important companion
-meet the waterfall with its strength

We strive for the essential symbiosis in which we recognize that we are nature and that we can only heal together with it.

I am not looking for workshop participants who want to be sprinkled, I call for like-minded people who want to dive deep with me to continue their experiences, I am calling out for those of you with the EARTHguardianHEART quality.

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360 € + (29 SF accomodation

              p. night)


Rebalance your SeXnergy

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16. -19. april  * 1.- 4. oct 2020


Gordana Nanshee Heyden

Tim Pagalies


Man and woman - femininity and masculinity - separation and union - fertility and death - freedom and bond
Polarities that determine our lives.


The male and female roles that we live and sometimes take on unasked control our existence. They influence everything we do and leave, from communication to sexuality, from success to creativity.

Beside the roles , you are YOU. A very own mix.  If these 2 energies are out of balance or are suppressed,
* we miss the power to express our inner impulses
* we act in excess and often produce a lot of wind for little substance
* The inner man lacks the intuitive heart, the inner woman lacks the acting spirit

It's time ... time for a new woman and a new man. Time for people who are willing to deliberately deal with their own male and female parts, make peace with them, love and honor them.
~ Do you know about your power balance?
~ Which energy dominates when?
~ How consciously can you perceive and control your female / male parts?
~ What parts have you banished to the shadows?
~ Do you have methods and ways to get your balance back?

We have created a seminar to lead you into a space where you can encounter your very own energy of masculinity and femininity. We will research in depth for 3 days and feel which forces work in us and which qualities control us in everyday life, in challenging situations. In a natural place of power in Switzerland, a mountain in the middle of the beautiful Lake Lucerne, you will discover your original nature and experience the potential that can be released in it. Rebalance your SeXnergy !