"The most important step for mankind now is to reconnect with

the natural world"

The movie 'Riwakuy360°' carries a powerfull message.

NOW is the time to expand your consciousness.


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'This film is a highly and deeply inspiring art work!
The more I immerse myself into it, the more it reveals its treasures to me'

'A wonderful work of art that could not better represent the unity, the reunification of man with nature, the healing powers of creation. See, feel and be moved'

'In a dark cave, your soul gets eyes" ... this film is so pure and everyone can find themselves in it, as pure as life is... without all the madness that people are in today ... disconnected from the nature of creation. You should go to schools with it, to high school, to open up the eyes to the essentials again.'

'How terrific and courageous to do it differently. Not the proven paths, but really the power and also the idea to see something different and to dare'

the audience