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medicine woman
workshop facilitator


Your soul has eyes which can see beyond the surface. Your heart is able to translate the memories of your soul’s path and the visions to unfold.

Can you feel the calling to explore how to put together all the pieces and embody them to the fullest? 


Come and journey with me.


Individual Shamanic Counseling

Shamanic counseling supports you in all personal growth processes and guides you through all shamanic topics within your own journey. 


Individual Shamanic Journey

Shamanic work is a deep soul work. We will dive into the subconsciousness, into the intangible parts of your being. This work is powerful and can bring profound changes into your life.


"Every soul is on a unique path.​ It's an act of love to follow your visions and to take care of yourself, your community
and your environment"

Monthly open session

Join me for a monthly open group-hour. All of you are welcome to join. To ask questions about shamanic work in general, about doing shamanic work with me or anything else that is present for you. Or you can just come and be present, listen and enjoy sharing the space. We tune in together and see what is alive.

This is a free of charge offer.


Wild child


there’s a desire

inside of you


you are

a free spirit


explore with

all senses


stay in contact 

with the mystery


dance with the fire

cry with the water

sing with the wind


stick together 

with mother earth 


be unique

be curious

be creative


be YOU


Want to see my
at the moment available
shamanic art?

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